ūüĆĪTop 10 Best Herbs for Parasites (Natural Detox and Cleanse)

a parasite is a microorganism that infects the 
body of another living species known as a host   they live off of and rely 
on their hosts for survival   most people don't realize that parasites are 
literally everywhere and they affect millions of   people around the world most of the time parasites 
do not cause any signs or symptoms in their host   however some parasitic infections can cause severe 
illness and damage to your overall health with   that said the good news is researchers believe 
that there are some powerful natural herbs with   medicinal properties that can kill parasites and 
cleanse your body from these unwanted invaders   and that is exactly what we are going to talk 
about in this video be sure to watch until the   end because there's one that not too many people 
know about so if you're ready let's get into it just a quick reminder we are not doctors 
this video is for informational purposes only   the first herb that we need to talk about is 
wormwood wormwood is notorious for being an   ingredient in the french liqueur known as 
absinthe with that said throughout history   the ancient egyptians often used wormwood tea to 
get rid of tapeworms wormwood has also been used   historically to treat malaria and other fevers 
and as a part of bitter tonics to aid in digestion   two recent studies found that wormwood capsules 
may help reduce the symptoms of crohn's disease   and ibs as well its properties can potentially 
offer several other health benefits including   reducing inflammation alleviating pain and 
of course fighting parasitic infections   ginger is another herb that we need to discuss the 
roots of a ginger plant are widely used for food   and natural medicinal purposes around the world 
studies found that ginger is rich in bioactive   compounds and antioxidants that can reduce 
oxidative damage and provide many positive health   benefits for the human body one surprising benefit 
of ginger is that it may actually help fight   parasites in your body in fact a study found that 
ginger and cinnamon extract lowered the parasite   loads in patients with giardiasis since many 
parasites have become drunk resistant this natural   herb may be very useful in developing countries 
the next herb on our list is holy basil holy basil   is often referred to as the queen of herbs that 
is because this powerful plant can provide many   different health benefits for the human body holy 
basil is an adaptogen that helps your body respond   to stress researchers also believe that its 
antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties   can help fight parasites in your gut this herb 
has antimicrobial effects that can fight against   a wide range of animal and human pathogens 
as well next up on our list is black walnuts   black walnuts are a tasty nutritious source of 
protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids   with that said many people are unaware that their 
holes are packed with antibacterial properties   that have been shown to fight pathogens such as 
salmonella hysteria and e coli researchers believe   that they also contain anthomethic properties that 
can destroy parasitic worms in the body in fact   according to studies performed in 
australia black walnut may be effective   in fighting against tapeworm ringworm pinworm 
and other types of parasites in the intestine   sage is yet another herb that we need to discuss 
it's a plant that has been used medicinally for   a very long time that is because researchers 
believe that it can slow the progress of dementia   prevent inflammation and help diabetics 
manage their blood glucose levels   you should know that sage contains properties that 
are believed to fight against certain parasitic   protozoan diseases such as malaria and chagas 
disease another herb that we should mention   is garlic while it may not do good things for 
your breath garlic does contain properties that   are beneficial for other systems within the body 
one specific compound found in garlic that i want   to point out is known as allicin it's a defense 
molecule that has a broad range of biological   activities that can provide a boost to the immune 
system and prevent certain diseases from occurring   it is also believed to kill amoebas 
that can cause parasitic infections   this is one of the many reasons why you 
can consider adding raw organic garlic   to your daily diet oregano is another common 
herb that we just had to include in this video   it's a staple herb in many cuisines around 
the world that is rich in antioxidants   and antimicrobial properties that can 
help fight certain strains of bacteria   researchers found that oregano has compounds 
that can also fight against cryptosporidium   parvum which is a parasitic disease that affects 
the intestinal tract a study found that oregano   essential oil is effective in blocking the 
growth of pseudomonas and e coli bacteria as well   thankfully oregano is a versatile and flavorful 
herb that is easy to incorporate into any diet   moving right along next up on our list is 
tansy when english colonists arrived in the   new world in the 17th century they made sure 
to bring tansy seeds so they would still have   access to one of their favorite medicinal herbs 
that is because tansy is known for providing   several positive health benefits including 
helping with digestion reducing inflammation   easing migraines and reducing nerve and joint 
pain researchers believe that tansy can also   be effective in treating roundworm 
and threadworm infections in children   which explains why we had to include it in this 
video on that same note cloves are another herb   that we just had to include that is because 
they are packed with powerful antimicrobial   antibacterial and antioxidant properties that 
can break down and destroy cell scavenging free   radicals in the body cloves contain a compound 
known as caryophylline which is believed to be   effective in destroying parasites and killing 
parasitic eggs that are left behind this is why   cloves are often known to be helpful in fighting 
against numerous pathogens in your gut next up   on our list is cayenne pepper unfortunately most 
people are unaware of the amazing health benefits   that cayenne pepper has to offer one compound in 
particular that we need to point out is capsaicin   is known for having vasodilator effects on the 
body which can lower blood pressure levels cayenne   pepper is also packed with anti-fungal properties 
that researchers believe to be effective   in fighting against certain types of parasites and 
potentially harmful fungi this is especially true   when combined with other parasite-fighting herbs 
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