10 Tips To Help With Stress

Ten tips to help with distress


Here are some ideas for when the going gets tough. Always try to remember that tomorrow is another day. If all else fails, get an early night and wake up with a fresh take on life.

1. Wake up early in the morning to enjoy half an hour quiet time on your own. This will allow you time to collect your thoughts and energize yourself for the day ahead.

2. Go for a bracing walk. Exercise releases serotonin, the happy hormone, so you start to feel better as soon as you get into your stride.

3. Arrange a night in with your partner. Using some sensual essential oils, give each other a massage.

4. Breathe properly. Many of us use only a tenth of our lung capacity. Imagine how good we would feel if we learn to use half or more? Breath work can teach us how to use more of our lungs’ full potential.

5. Run a warm bath, surround it with candles, climb in and relax.

6. Laugh. Phone a friend who makes you laugh or rent a funny movie.

7. Retreat to a quiet place such as a favorite armchair and enjoy a good book.

8. Take your family out for the day. Getting away from the house and the daily routine of chores does everyone the world of good once in a while.

9. Take an evening course in something you feel passionate about.

10. If all hell is breaking loose and you feel your stress levels rising, walk into another room and count slowly to ten before returning to salvage the situation.