Best Herbs for Liver Cirrhosis

let's talk about some natural remedies
for liver fibrosis typically what happens
in the stage of liver disease is you first get either
inflammation or a fatty liver and then that inflammation over time becomes
chronic and causes a lot of damage in the liver
cells and then the liver cells start to heal
with scar tissue that's called fibrosis and then over
time that develops in the cirrhosis so
cirrhosis is an advanced form of fibrosis in the liver
now that could come from an infection from a virus
and believe it or not the virus is not actually creating the damage
it's your own immune system that's creating the damage in the attempts to
kill off the virus alcohol will do it drugs medications
toxins parasites fructose sugar junk food refined carbohydrates
and too much iron can increase inflammation and then lead to fibrosis
fibrosis comes from chronic inflammation your body is trying to replace the
healthy normal tissue with scar tissue or
collagen your symptoms are going to be tired
weak itchiness you could potentially have ascites where your
liver is leaking fluid into a sac around the gut
that's a very advanced form of cirrhosis and if you're male you can start to
develop excess amounts of breast tissue because you're not able to get rid of
estrogen anymore and then your skin becomes very very
thin you lose body hair and your voice starts becoming
higher also you can develop hypogonadism because your testosterone
is low because the estrogen is high and portal hypertension here the
remedies that have the potential to help you and
i put the links down below of some quite amazing studies that show
significant improvement by using these natural remedies this one
is from china i'm not going to even begin to pronounce
this i'm just going to say it's an F Z H Y combination of herbs
that have been shown to effectively reduce
the side effects from fibrosis and definitely inflammation now this product
right here tud is actually a type of purified bile
salts but it's actually made synthetically
it's been around for a long time as far as a remedy but it's
very very good to allow bile to flow through the liver and out to the
gallbladder and it's been shown to decrease
the progression of cirrhosis and fibrosis
you would want to take this on an empty stomach maybe
once in the mid-morning and then once in the late afternoon and then you have
another one called golden thread copis this is a natural
herb it's been shown to help the gallbladder
in the liver and reduce the rate of the liver developing
cirrhosis curcumin is another powerful anti-inflammatory to help decrease the
risk of getting fibrosis and of course keto and intermittent
fasting very very important especially allowing your body to do
prolonged fasting to get into a state of autophagy where
your body can then start repairing some of these damaged proteins
because fibrosis is a type of protein it's a
type of collagen matrix that plugs up and causes the
liver to become dysfunctional and if you haven't seen my videos on a
fatty liver you want to check those out i have them right here

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