Boost You Immune System

Our immune system is vital to our good health. Yet far too many Americans have weak immune systems. That leaves them open to all types of illnesses.

So can herbs actually help boost an immune system? Yes they can, and there is scientific proof that they work!

Biological products of animals and plants sources have been used by human for thousands of years either in the pure forms or crude extracts to treat many diseases. Herbs are used as bases of medicine in many ways in human beings in their life. Research interest has focused on various herbs that possess immune-stimulating properties as a
useful feature in helping diminish the risk of cancer. In different herbs, a wide-ranging of phytochemicals, have been identified such as the flavonoids, lignans, terpenoids, polyphenolics, sulfides, saponins, carotenoids, curcumins,  plant sterols and phthalides.

Several of these phytochemicals either inhibit nitrosation or the formation of DNA stimulate the activity of protective enzymes such as the phase II enzyme glutathione transferase. Many of plants contain potent antioxidant compounds that provide significant protection against chronic diseases. These compounds may defend LDL cholesterol from oxidation, inhibit cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase enzymes, prevent lipid peroxidation, or have antitumor activity.

How medicinal plants can help immune system?
Plants are rich in flavonoids, vitamin C, or the carotenoids so can enhance immune function. The flavonoid-rich herbs may also possess mild anti-inflammatory action.

Their beneficial effect named as anti-inflammatory and as an immune-stimulant action. It can promote the activity of lymphocytes, increase phagocytosis, and induce interferon production. For example garlic is one of the most remarkable plants that can effect strongly on immune system.

Garlic as an immune system booster has been found to exert an immune-potentiating effect by stimulating natural killer cell activity. For example some studies powerfully suggest that garlic is a promising candidate as an immune modifier, which preserves the homeostasis of immune functions  because it has a higher concentration of sulfur combinations which are responsible for its therapeutic effects.

The chemical components of garlic have also been found for treatment of cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia.

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