Do Herbalists Help During A Pandemic?

We do.

From creating immune boosting herbal formulas, to providing advice to those who have symptoms, up to medium level. In fact, we have a few methods to help get you through.

Of course, you should most certainly seek medical help first, but if you test positive and in quarantine, we can provide some relief from the symptoms.

And herbalists are doing much more. Consider this from a doctor on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19:

This emergency department physician wishes to express gratitude to you, those in the community, who have reached out to check our pulse and vital signs and then infuse extra strength and stamina into hospital workers, during this pandemic.

Your hands of healing and wholesomeness can be felt on our backs, strengthening our heart and hands as we tend patients.

Since the last week of March I have worked an unprecedented 600+ hours in the emergency department.

And nearly every day I have received a personalized care package from one of you.
Therefore I have created this BreathEasyMedicineAlterOfCompassion where sits many of the items gifted from all over the USA.

From Washington state, Illinois, and Wisconsin I have received separate parcels of home crafted face masks with fun and fancy designs and extra protective positive juju sewn into them.
In high risk situations I wear these masks over my (reused) N95 mask and in low risk situations instead of.

From California I have received a case of home grown, hand picked, organic lemons to squeeze into filtered drinking water to create an immune enhancing vitamin C rich hydration.

From Wisconsin and New York I have received bottles of homemade elderberry syrup infused with extra preventative and healing intentions to strengthen the body’s immunity.

During busy shifts in the emergency department I have twice received the delivery of lovely long stem roses. May within me flower as beautiful a caring heart.

From New England I have been gifted Crystals. Gems from the Earth that both heal and protect, to be carried in my pocket.

From Massecheusettes a homemade Thieves Essential Oill blend to infuse and thereby purify the air we breath within the hospital.

After the unfortunate national news of the overwhelmed ED physician who committed suicide, one of my NorthEast herbal sisters overnighted an herbal glycerin tincture full of plants that bestow antidepressant and adaptogens properties.
Thank You!!!!
Yet While admittedly weary, I like to imagine that I will remain sane in spirit.

I have been gifted with even more…

So allow me to tell you…
The emergency departments and hospitals are not, in reality, on the front line of this pandemic but instead it is our last resource, our final hope, our critical care last ditch effort to restore the health that has been lost.

It is each of you who are on the front lines to maintain the health of self, those we love, and the vulnerable within our communities.

We are all essential.
We are all on the front lines.
Your response during this pandemic is what is First.
Our Courageous, Calm and Caring Presence is Contagious.

Gratitude for this Medicine Alter to remind me of who we are, what we represent, and why we are here.