Do this to control your blood pressure | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

NAMASKAR More than 1 billion people in this world suffer from this condition of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a lifestyle disorder. It can be corrected it can be improved and person can come out of this whole problem. He has to put his efforts. Here are few ways through which you can control High Blood Pressure 1 Right Exercise Among the group of exercise, the first comes walking.

A person should know how to walk, when to walk. Now walking could be done before eating food, and that walking should be little bit brisk walking, never allow your breath to get fast, don’t become breathless, walk nicely. Walk for 45 minutes if possible in the morning and half and hour in the evening. Other exercises could be relaxation exercises, every 2 hours if person is doing Shavasana for 5-10 minutes he can really keep his blood pressure in control, the other relaxing asanas could be lying down asanas like Yastikasana, Stick Pose or Bhadrasana or lifting your leg up and down taking to the side that is Hastpadangushtasana, doing certain asana like matsyasana, Crossing your legs and lye down, crossing your legs in sukhasanas and lye down, these are very good relaxing asanas person should be doing, our extremities have to be exercised when the blood pressure goes high so these are those asanas. You should do some pranayams and the best pranayam for high blood pressure is pranaym number 4, that is inhale while breathing up and exhale while putting your stomach down again while inhaling move your abdomen up and exhaling put your abdomen down, but do it in a relaxed way, whenever you get a chance to lye down so do it in this position also, when you are doing shavasana, after that do this pranayam and then start your activities again.

So nit all these things in your day to day activities, Understand that what kind of exercises you should not do 1) Suryanamaskar 2) Too much bending forward and staying for a long time 3) Any such posture which makes you breathless, avoid it, don’t do it. Do all these exercises regularly, exercises are a must, because while doing exercises you are relaxing every muscles of your body, every nerve of your body, so these asanas are most important. 2) Right Food Food is another major factor that affects your blood pressure. Intaking right food by itself acts as a best medicine. Avoid foods which are high in salt and sugar. Also avoid food that are Excess in saturated fats like fried stuff, spicy stuff, avoid . Also avoid non vegetarian food and also stop smoking and drinking, they are no good in any case. So what are you going to eat now? Sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, good.

4 times in a day, fruits and vegetables should go. Eat citrus fruits regularly. Pumpkin seeds, spinach and beets all these contains nutrients which relaxes your blood vessels. Beans and berries are excellent food also, so try to follow these food habits and keep your blood pressure in control. third factor 3) Right emotion Ultimately every disorder finds its root in mind. Yoga says that root cause of every disorder is in mind. Primarily, High blood pressure is a psychosomatic disorder. Some common traits are usually observed when people suffer from high blood pressure, usually aggressive behavior, usually doing everything speedily, if things don’t go right, getting disturbed and angry, always anxious and stressful, things don’t go right according your way, you can’t control everything, so person is always under stress.So such emotional states can increase the blood pressure beyond normal, so check your emotion and learn to be calm and accept people as they are, person should develop the attitude of faith and gratitude.

Surrender all your worries to god and nature, believe that everything and whatever is happening is happening for your own good, be happy always. High blood pressure is a serious issue don’t take it lightly, if you get affected by high blood pressure for long, it is going to affect your kidney your liver, your heart, all the vital organs will be affected and that would not be right. so try and follow the instructions given. Exercises rightly, Eat rightly and manage your emotion also rightly and live your life happily. Namaskar..

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