Get rid of Varicose veins | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Namaskar!! Vericose veins are generally observed in the legs . Veins are supposed to take the blood from the periphery towards the heart again towards gravity and so in veins there are valves which don’t allow the blood to come downwards , they take the blood upwards towards the heart , sometimes in certain areas the valves don’t function well , so the blood accumulates because of gravity in certain areas , and there is a swelling then there is a congestion and pain and then you will find blue lines behind the skin . So all these blue lines when you see behind the skin and the bulging of veins , that is called as vericose veins . Sometimes these veins become very painful , people cant even stand , walking is out of the question . So here are few techniques and tips to overcome vericose veins . 1 ) Do not sit or stand for long . When you are standing , the distance from your toe to heart is much longer , heart has to pump blood from toe upwards , against gravity and when the valves are not functioning , vericose veins is bound to be there , so avoid standing . Noe try and see in our kitchen we have a standing kitchen so ladies are always standing , cooking in a standing position .

Earlier they used to sit and cook but now standing , so quiet a lot of ladies have this vericose veins problem . Teachers when they are teaching in school they are standing and teaching , surgeons , they are standing and doing surgery for hours together . In all these people , vericose veins become very common . So usually they sit whenever they get a chance to sit , but when they are sitting on chair , still your legs and hanging down , so best is a person should learn to sit . Yogis have mentioned about 28 meditative pose , they say fold your legs , bring your extrimities towards your heart , and so sit with your legs crossed or one leg up or down but fold your legs and sit and that would always prevent vericose veins problem. So this is how our lifestyle has to change to prevent vericosity . Another cause for vericose veins would be sitting for a long time on chair . You have to sit when you are in office , you are working with computer , then what to do .

Now here you have to learn yo stretch out your legs a bit , move your toes here and there , stand over there and move your toe a bit to see that you give a little flexibility to your hamstring muscles , where vericose veins come up very strongly . Take care and you will be able to manage to prevent the problem . 2 ) Use compression stockings . There are certain jobs where you have to stand at one place for hours together like traffic police , sometimes even soldiers and so many other activities .

Here what would you do ? Here these are the stockings available that are compulsory for all of them to wear , it’s a tight stocking which you are wearing , pulling it upto your knee and keeping your muscles absolutely tight , so your veins are absolutely tight inside , even If valve doesn’t function , blood will still flow further , it will not allow the bulging , so such stocking are very much a necessity for all such people who cannot sit or who cannot walk while they are working . Use them very regularly to avoid the problem , but when the stockings are out in the house when you are then doing some exercises to strengthen the muscles which have not moved at all is most necessary which we should be doing regularly .

3 ) Some asana which you must do regularly . First of all , rising on your toe and coming down whenever you are standing even that standing place go on your toe , stay on your toe for sometime and come down . This movement you should do for long , I have seen in local trains people are standing from Virar till Churchgate , now what to do , they should atleast go on their toe , it would be good if they could go down , squat down , sit down and get up , that would be good . So try and do this movement . There are certain asanas that you should be doing systematically , one is Talasana , where you inhale , raise your whole body upwards , stretch your whole body , aand simultaneously go on your toe , so when you are on your toe for sometime that helps in keeping veins inside . Do this 2-3 times , twice morning as well as evening . Another asana would be Utkatasana , where you are again rising yourself on toe staying there for 4 seconds , squatting down you are still on your toe , staying there for 4 seconds coming up again and then coming down so this Utkatasana also should be done 2 – 3 times twice in a day .

Third asana could be topsy turvy position to help your heart help your vericose veins , so do Sarvangasana , so lie down on your back , breath in first , while breathing out raise your both legs upwards , take them up hold your back nicely with your hands , stay in that position for 1 to 2 mins doing pranayama number 4 in that position , your legs are really going to get relaxed , all the swelling will reduce and then you come back to your normal position . Fouth , among the group of asanas , this is not asana but this is a body position which would helkp in many problems for vericose veins also very well like go very close to the wall , your bottom should literally be touching the wall and bring your legs at the wall touching the wall that your leg is at the top then your hips then your head so practically this angle would be there . Stay in this position , moving your toe exercises is 1 , 2nd , bringing it closer to stomach and bringing it back one by one legs that is pawanmuktasana position that is another exercise , that is taking legs to the side like hastapadangusthashan position as if holding your toe bringing it back , taking another leg on another side holding and bringing it back , another movement could be one leg coming closer to your shoulder as much as you can and bringing it back , another leg towards your shoulders and bringing it back , both the legs towards your shoulders and bringing it back .

So all such movements when you do it regularly , there wont be any chance of vericose veins or if at all you have it , all the pains , aches and problems would disappear and you will be able to function in your life very well . Apart from these asanas , what is still more important is walking , walking in the morning for 4 to 5 kms in the evening again would be wonderful , do walking do cycling do swimming , in water when you go and move your legs do the same exercises in water that would give you double benefit , that would improve your problems much faster . Remember , vericose veins is a curable condition all you need is discipline , proper exercise to be done , change in your working condition , try and see that you walk very often try and see that you become a little aware about your posture and do all these things very happily and very regularly and you will never have such problems of vericose veins . You don’t have to be very painful in your life , just become aware of your posture , just become aware of the first signal that your body gives you and attend to yourself immediately , so try and take care , run , enjoy , swim , be happy and be healthy .


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