Health Benefits of Lavender

Lavender has long been associated with many health benefits. It is known to have calming, soothing
and relaxing properties that can help reduce anxiety, stress, and even insomnia.
Lavender oil has also been used in traditional medicine for its analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Research suggests that lavender may aid in reducing symptoms of depression by helping to improve mood and sleep quality.
Studies have found that inhaling the fragrance of lavender essential oil helps promote relaxation and reduce tension headaches caused by muscle spasms or cramps when massaged into the affected area.
The scent of lavender is also believed to boost cognitive performance in healthy adults by increasing alertness and attention span during mental tasks, without any side effects from over stimulation.
In addition to its psychological benefits, lavender may offer physical relief as well. It contains compounds like linalool, which can help reduce inflammation related to arthritis or other joint pain conditions such as gouty arthritis or bursitis when applied topically through massage therapy or aromatherapy diffusers filled with essential oils.
Additionally, research indicates that applying a combination of lavender oil with another natural remedy such as
aloe vera gel can provide an effective treatment for skin burns due to radiation therapy treatments, commonly used in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy sessions too.
Finally, studies suggest that consuming herbal tea made from dried flowers of this plant may be beneficial for treating digestive issues like indigestion or nausea because it contains active ingredients like limonene which
are known to act on stomach acidity levels, while flavonoids present within them could potentially lower cholesterol levels too!