How to Build A Profitable Herbal Business in 6 months WITHOUT Working Yourself To The Ground

So here is a question for you. Is it possible 
to turn that idea for an herbal business that   you have in your head into a real life breathing 
business in the next six months without working   yourself to the ground? I've got good news for 
you because the answer is YES! It is going to   take work, it is going to take concentration, and 
you are going to have to put your heart and soul   into this but it doesn't have to work you to the 
ground. It doesn't have to exhaust you. In fact,   it can become your source of energy if you go 
about it the right way and that is what we're   going to be talking about in this video. If you'd 
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It will be recommended to them in the   YouTube algorithm and ultimately we can grow this 
field of herbalism a little bit more together.   So now let's get into the process a little bit 
about how you can actually start to build your   business in the next six months. Now it really 
does all start with the idea and so I would   really encourage you to spend a little bit of 
time thinking about your idea and if it is the   right one to follow right at the beginning. 
Even if you spend like seven days just truly   thinking about your idea and how that's going 
to pan out for you.

It might seem like a waste   of time at the beginning when you want to go 
and purchase domains and supplies and start   getting the tinctures macerating or whatever it 
is that you want to start doing, but really just   considering your idea and if it's the right one 
is really important. There are a few things that   I would like to point out here that are important 
in terms of your idea the first one is that is   really important to follow your instincts and What 
Makes You unique okay so if you have this idea and   if you're watching this video it's quite likely 
you do already have some form of idea in mind   um really do have confidence in what you have to 
offer your unique offer and that idea and really   just think about how you can incorporate uh your 
uniqueness into that idea that you have and how   you can offer that as a part of your business 
on the flip side it is really important to think   about how you can stand out from everyone else 
out there you don't want to kind of flow in the   footsteps of someone else you don't want to do the 
same thing as someone else because you're not them   and you're never going to do uh what they're 
doing as well as you can do what you could be   doing there is a nice little quote that I think 
about sometimes I didn't come up with this myself   I'm not sure where I did come like where I did 
first hear it but it's like when everyone else   is zigging you can zag or when everyone else is 
zagging you Zig but like if you see everyone else   out there who's all starting to do a particular 
type of business or there is something that they   are always doing um you can do it a little bit 
differently offer something different and that can   actually be a good thing to get you started the 
next step once you have got your idea and you're   sure that you're ready to test out this idea is to 
make a plan and the plan is so important to really   um first of all validate your idea that you've 
come up with but also to make sure that you are   spending your time in the right areas to 
really prioritize your time and energy to   make sure you're getting as much done as you can 
without actually getting exhausted okay this is   so important because I can guarantee if you write 
a big list of everything that you would like to   be doing to set your idea into motion you only 
actually need to be doing like probably half of   them there is the Pareto Principle that guides a 
lot of what I do which is like 80 of the results   come from 20 of the actual actions that you take 
and this is actually very freeing because it means   that you don't have to do everything you do not 
have to be on social media you do not have to be   on going to every single event you do not need to 
sponsor different local all things you can do any   of these individual things but you should just be 
really intentional about deciding which ones to do   so that you're not spreading yourself thin and 
um just doing what's the most important this is   why the planning part is so important because it 
allows you to really hone in on what is going to   make the biggest difference and make sure that 
your energy is just spent on those areas the   significance of sharpening your ax you actually 
do worse if you just get out there and do do right   from the beginning because you're chopping at that 
tree with a blunt ax and you're going going if   you spend like 30 minutes at the beginning of 
your cutting down the tree or you're building   your herbal business um and you sharpen the ax 
first it is so much easier to chop down the tree   and you can do it in like a few wax or whatever 
you call them Indian axes instead of continuing   to hit with a blunt ax and so that's really 
important that just spending a little bit of   time tone your skill set first is going to ensure 
your success and allow you to like effortlessly   build that Urban Business Without like working 
yourself to the ground which is what this video   is all about once you do have that plan in place 
the next step is getting those Logistics in order   so this is things like your business name 
maybe getting a domain name on your website   starting to get accounting set up setting up 
a business bank account any legal protection   you may need insurance all of these Logistics 
there is quite a lot that goes into it and it   is important to cover all of these things so that 
you have them all ready to go and you're able to   um set that into motion Now by this point I 
think it is honestly realistic for you to have   that idea the um plan and the primary Logistics 
set up in about a month like it truly is if you   um prioritize in that plan what you need to be 
doing it doesn't actually take that much time to   set up a business bank account it doesn't take 
that much time to um like get some insurance to   do those things if you've done that research and 
you have like context to help you and those sort   of things it doesn't take that much time it's 
really about prioritizing those activities so   once you are at that around about a month Mark 
and you've got those Logistics sorted the next   step is to really get into the practice of putting 
it out there so that you can validate your idea   okay now validating your idea is not a a matter 
of just asking people if it's going to work it   is about getting people to put their wallets 
where their mouths is and so this is actually   getting people to pay for what you offer because 
this again is one of the most important parts of   this video is that we want to be building a 
profitable our businesses and this is around   like a way to actually sustain your lifestyle 
and to do that you are going to need to ask for   people to pay for your products and services 
and so you need to do that by validating your   idea by putting a product out there offering 
it to someone and seeing what the response is   sometimes the response will be straight away yes 
sometimes responsibly straight away no sometimes a   response will be mixed and the idea of this is to 
really gauge that response and tweak your offer so   that it's not just what you think people want but 
you're actually offering what people truly want   because that is where you start to really build 
a thriving business because when you are aligned   with you offer what people want then things 
naturally um grow you start that wheel of Word   of Mouth marketing everyone loves what you have 
to offer you have this thriving business that   you love to run and it all um kind of snowballs 
from there it will depend on what type of product   or service that you have as to how you will 
validate that but essentially you want to be   um offering it out there starting to actually sell 
and this is where the next step comes and it needs   to become a little bit confident with selling okay 
and more than selling it's about communicating the   value of what you have to offer I know that so 
many herbalists have a lot of issues with doing   this it's so easy to promote someone else and talk 
up how great your friend or your herbalist that   you've worked with is but when it comes to talking 
about your Sophie is so much more difficult and I   experience this as well myself but um there comes 
a point that when you shift in that mindset and   realize that it's really about communicating 
the value of what you have to offer and it all   shifts you're helping people by allowing them 
to experience the wonders of your able products   and services and when you truly believe that it 
becomes so much easier to communicate to people   and they want to try what you have to offer and 
then obviously it'll snowballs from that so um   that is the next step is to really increase your 
confidence in communicating and this does tie hand   in hand in that validation of your product because 
as you get better at communicating your value   you'll be able to um communicate that to your 
target audience and at the same time if something   doesn't quite mesh with your target audience 
when you talk to them and understand what they   truly want you can tweak that offering and the way 
you present it to feature in the future to bring   that alignment uh closer and so that your herbal 
products and services really feel that gap of what   people want so ideally I would set about like a 90 
day timer in your calendar to give you this like   um couple of months to test out the product and 
so your goal for the first like from the 90 days   from today would be to like validate your herbal 
business idea okay and so we've got like the first   month of getting your idea making the plan getting 
the logistics set up month two and three are on   like getting it out there listening to your odd 
target audience giving them something getting that   feedback back and tweaking your offer and giving 
it out to more people and like starting like your   goal in this like first 90 days is honestly 
to reach as many people and get some data on   um how people interact with your products and 
services at that like halfway point of this   six months business we are going to do a data 
analysis this is when we're going to look at   everything you've done so far uh what products 
and services you've put out there what sort of   response people have had and then we're going to 
make some decisions we are going to decide which   things make the most sense to follow through on 
which things make the sense to develop further and   which things are just a waste of time and energy 
and you do not need to continue on this is such   an important part of the process because it's what 
really allows you to continue your able business   for the long term without burning out and feeling 
exhausted and I know that a lot of evalists do   feel these feelings of um too much and heaviness 
over the long term but allowing yourself that time   to reflect and decide on how to progress forward 
is so important so but that's what we're going   to be doing at around this 90 day Mark I would 
recommend that you really do a complete review   of everything you've done and a um a realignment 
an adjustment going forward as to how you can   um make it work better for you in the future this 
is both for your clients for your business and for   yourself now finally we have six months in this 
video and you've still got three months left left   to test those tweaks and continue uh building 
your herbal business and you will start to see   that if you are doing good work at this point in 
time you will start to get that wheel of a word   of mouth marketing working for you I have talked 
about this with several different herbalists uh   in the entrepreneur conference sessions over the 
years and it is such a core part of a successful   herbal business really offering that high quality 
service and allowing people to experience what you   have to offer and um then sharing that with their 
friends and the other people in their community   so that you can have a large impact and ultimately 
you're profitable business will start to grow and   continue to run on its own based on the love of 
what you do from other people so as you can see   this really does take that time from day Zero to 
six months from now and if you follow this process   to really go about like starting with that idea 
that is unique to you and is not following those   patterns that everyone else is following right 
now do something unique that really stands out   from everyone else that is automatically going 
to get the attention of the other people in your   community and really get out there next step 
is to make a plan work out what is the most   important that you want to focus on in the first 
few months and what is going to be your like key   areas of effort and time then you want to get the 
logistics into place and so this is getting those   bank accounts Insurance um getting domain names 
social media handles whatever it is that you need   a logistical place of renting um whatever it is 
that you need to actually run your business that   is the next step then we're going to be getting 
into validating your idea so really putting it out   there and getting comfortable with communicating 
what you have to offer with people continuing that   conversation of offering that value listening to 
your target audience understanding what they want   and tweaking your offer to actually give them what 
they want then we're going to move on and like   test and analyze what you've done have you reached 
those goals are you spending time unnecessarily in   something is there a particular part of your 
business that is just like making you dread   working that you could somehow cut out or possibly 
delegate to someone else is there something you   could do in that area how is the profitability of 
your business at this point are their best sellers   that you could um kind of push up and promote more 
at this point is there something that you could   cut out completely there are all these decisions 
that you can make at this halfway point and then   tweak going on into the next area where it's 
really about continuing that momentum and getting   the word of mouth marketing out there so that 
more people can experience what you have to offer   so as you can see it is actually possible to like 
set that business into motion and it truly is   possible to make a profit in the first six months 
treat it as an experiment and give yourself this   time to see how it works and really give it your 
all for this time but allow yourself the time to   rest and prioritize those activities so that you 
still have time and energy for everything else   in the life and world that we have going on and 
this will ultimately allow you to build a business   that you love to run over the long term which is 
what we are all about on the edible entrepreneur   Channel once again if you haven't already please 
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complete roadmap step by step of how to   like literally do each logistical step how to 
get it to the marketing what things you should   be actually testing and analyzing so that 
you can grow and scale your business over   the long term so if you're interested in that 
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your journey as an herbalist and an herbal   entrepreneur because this is such an important 
role that we are playing in the world and the   more that we help each other the greater impact 
we can have as the entire profession of herbalism   so I'm so glad that you're here and I can't 
wait to see you in future videos coming up soon

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