How To Get Relief From Piles In 3 Days | 3 दिनों में बवासीर से राहत पाएं

I am Dr. Millind Joshi from Pristyn Care today we will discuss about piles also known as Bawaseer what is piles or Bawaseer? before knowing anything about piles, we need to know that every human being has anal cushions inside their anal canal these anal cushions are nothing but a bunch of blood vessels because of any reason if you need to strain while passing stool, if your food lacks in fiber or water or if you are suffering from constipation or cronic cough the pressure in the anal area increases your stool hardens and leads the blood vessel to swell up and this health condition is known as piles however, the severity of the condition can cary based on the severity the conditions can be divided into four grades; grade 1 – in grade 1 piles, you will not witness any symptoms of piles in case you suffer from constipation or face problems vlearing your bowel, the doctor will have to diagonose and tell you that you have piles grade 2 – in grade 2 piles, while passing bowel movements you might feel like something popping out but going inside again its own grade 3 – in grade 3 piles, the tissue pop out and you might require to push it back inside again grade 4 – in Grade 4 piles, no matter how hard you push it cannot be pushed inside these are the four grades of piles and the treatment option for these four grades are also different Grade 1 and Grade 2 piles can be controlled with dietary changes lifestyle habits and home remedies but these cannot treat the condition if the condition continues to get worse, it will definetly require surgey but to prevent the condition from getting worse and control the pain you can increase the intake of fiber in a diet such as adding fruits and vegetables you can also increase the intake of water doing these will help prevent the condition of piles from getting worse but, if the condition has reached grade 3, grade 4 or the severe condition of grade 2, there is no effective treatment other than surgery what is the surgical treatment? in earlier days, the surgery done foe piles treatment was done with surgical knives and scissors and involved cuts and wounds The procedure was extremely painful due to this neither the doctor nor the patient wishes to get the surgery done but these days lasers have come to existence this is a minimally invasive procedure of performing a surgery compared to open surgery where pain was felt.

For as long as 8 weeks, the patient in laser surgey feels minimal pain, that too just for 2-3 days the procedure is as good as painless there is no blood loss in the treatment because there are no cuts you can resume your normal life within 3 days after the surgery what happens in laser surgery? the tissues which gets enlarged or swollen are not cut instead a small puncture is made and the area is treated with laser no cut is made and no pain isfelt in the procedure you will not even feel anything the surgery is done on an outpatient basis; you come to the hospital your surgery is done in the afternoon, and you return home the next day you only need to rest for the next 1 or 2 days and then resume normal work life there are several benifits of the procedure if anyone has piles problems or has constipation, then do not ignore you should consult with a doctor, get a proper diagnosis to identify the grade, and get the best treatment as per the suggestions of the doctor. piles treatment is no more the same like conventional days where the patient has to bear the pain for 8 weeks now, you can turn to normal life in just 3 days Thank you

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