How to get rid of a runny nose and home remedy to stop fast

Hello this week's responding to your comments 
is all about a runny nose medically known as   non-allergic rhinitis we've had a comment from 
Becky hey Abraham please please please make a   video on how to get rid of a runny nose but what 
we're waiting for let's begin now if you have had   a runny nose for a couple of days I would highly 
advise that you always speak to a healthcare   professional just so they can find out what the 
cause is now let's presume you've already spoke   to your Healthcare professional and the most 
likely cause for it is a common cold which is   caused by a virus so I'm going to teach you what 
you need to do to get rid of that Reno's so let's   begin okay so tip number one try a nasal rinse 
I am forever recommending this to my patients   it flushes away all the excess mucus any irritants 
it reduces inflammation and overall it really does   help with a runny nose now the good news is you 
can make a saline rinse at home straight away you   probably don't need to buy anything and the good 
news is I'm going to teach you how to do it right   now Kettle water boil cook one teaspoon of salt 
Add Water mix and your sailor rinse is now ready   okay so here's the fun bit once you've made your 
third line wrist the first thing you need to do is   make sure you leave it to cool so it's not going 
to burn you now once it's cooled you're going   to go and stand over a sink you need to make sure 
you're standing over a sink because this is going   to be messy okay I promise you and then you're 
gonna blame me for the mess that you've created   stand over the sink pour a little bit of Sailor 
rinse in the hand just cup it like so and then   sort of block one nostril and sniff it up sniff 
that solution up and then let it pour out of your   nose you can do this two three times or however 
many times that you want that you feel comfortable   you might get a little bit that goes into your 
throat just spit it out it's not going to harm   you just make sure you spit it out and you don't 
swallow it now one thing just to bear in mind   it will take a bit of practice okay but you will 
get the hang of it you can do it as many times in   both nostrils okay until you feel comfortable just 
please remember each time you're gonna do a nasal   rinse a saline nasal rinse make a fresh batch now 
moving on to tip number two steroid nasal sprays   can also be really helpful when you've got a runny 
nose it can help reduce that inflammation in the   area but bear in mind they can take two to three 
days for them to be really effective in terms   of what I recommend Becca medicine works quite 
well and it's probably easily available to buy   at any chemist moving on to tip number three you 
can also try antihistamines these can be really   useful at reducing the histamine response which 
is causing that Reynolds potentially in terms   of what I recommend you you can get loratadine 
and Fexofenadine I think these work quite well   when you have a runny nose you can get it from 
the supermarket or the chemist now please do   remember with any medication always speak to 
a healthcare professional first to make sure   you're safe and suitable to take it and always 
read the information these foot that comes with   it so it looks like we've come to the end of 
this week's video I really hope these tips   help you with your runny nose always remember 
you're awesome and I will see you next week   trying to make this camera stay 
still whilst bouncing it on a chair   but it's ready not wanting to stay this is what I 
have to do guys now okay I think that's gonna do

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