How to Heal a Stomach Ulcer Fast (How to Fix a Stomach Ulcer)

– Hi everyone, and
welcome to Rhoades24eva. I'm Terri, and in this video I'm gonna talk to you about how
to heal stomach ulcers fast. And yes, I have a background as a nurse and a fitness nutrition specialist but it's not from that lens which I'm going to share today's tips on how to heal a stomach ulcer fast. I'm going to share these tips with you because, I myself, have
suffered from an ulcer and these are the very things that I did to heal my ulcer fast without
any medicine or antibiotics. So, before you go and make any
drastic changes to your diet or decide to ignore the opinion of your own
health care provider. I just want to remind you
that these are my opinions and these are the things
that I personally did, as a way to heal my ulcer.

And this is based on my
own background knowledge as a fitness nutrition
specialist, also, as a nurse. So, I made these decisions
knowing that there could possibly be consequences, but also knowing, in my own mind, that I wanted a way to
heal my body, using foods, without using any medicines. So I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about an ulcer
and what causes an ulcer because obviously, if you
have searched this video, you've already spent hours on Google looking at, "what are the symptoms,
what are the causes, "what are the risk factors? "What can this lead to?" So, you already know those things, right? So, you know that being a woman, someone who smokes excessively, if you are someone who
has been infected with the H.

Pylori bacteria, if you had long term use of nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatories, like aspirin or ibuprofen, then you know all of these
things can contribute to you having an ulcer. I'm just going to dive right in and tell you what things
I use specifically when I was going through
this whole process of dealing with an ulcer. So, I would either start
my day with cabbage juice, and literally, I would go and buy a
whole head of cabbage. And then, I would just chop that up and put it right in with my Vitamix and I would then juice that
through my nut milk bag. I would drink that just like it is. And trust me, the taste,
is not that great. But when you're in pain, and you need to, you know, stop the pain, you're gonna do whatever you
need to do in that moment. So, I would start with cabbage juice. The next thing that I would do, I would drink aloe vera juice. I will make sure I link
all of these products in the description box
below, so just click below if you wanna know what these products are.

And there'll be direct links to Amazon, if you wanna purchase any
of these products yourself. And so, like I said, it was either cabbage
juice or aloe vera juice and I would actually buy the big bottle of aloe vera juice as
well from Trader Joe's and I would drink that or
sip on it throughout the day. That would kinda help my
stomach to not feel as inflamed. Ya know, those were the
first things that I did. The next thing I did
was to make sure I would drink eight ounces of bone broth. And so, I drank bone broth because I knew that bone broth had two important amino
acids, glutamine and proline, and their job basically
is to help with healing the stomach lining. So, I would make sure that I drank eight ounces of bone broth every single day as a way to
help heal my stomach lining.

The next thing on my
healing foods list was DGL or Deglycyrrhizinated
Licorice Root Extract. And so, what I would do was I'd eat this about 15-30 minutes before I had a meal. I would actually chew on this and it would actually
kinda coat your stomach and so when you were eating your food, it would not burn your stomach. So, DGL is definitely a must have if you're going to try to
heal your ulcer naturally. Next thing on my list was
tumeric, and to this day, I still, as you can see, I have examples of these products
because I still use them. But tumeric is so great because it has
anti-inflammatory properties. And so, I would eat, things
like salmon and sardine, which are great with omega threes, and they have these healthy fats in them. And so they're great if
you're dealing with an ulcer. And so I would, when I would cook my
salmon and my sardines, I would sprinkle a little
bit of my tumeric on there, and this was a great way to help with healing my stomach ulcer.

And so, I'm talking about making sure you're eating
certain foods throughout the day, and I said I followed an
anti-inflammatory diet so, I didn't eat any grains. So this was about for three weeks, I did this while I got my stomach healed. I had no grains, I just removed
those things from my diet. I removed the processed foods, the pizza, the chips, the soda.

All of those things were out of my diet. And I really focused on, like
I said, fruits and vegetables. I would have salmon with,
ya know, steamed cabbage, or I'd have sardines, with
like, steamed broccoli. Those were really what I
focused on throughout the day as a way to heal my ulcer when
thinking about foods to eat. I also made sure I wasn't
eating these really large meals. I was eating small
meals to give my stomach some time to rest and to heal so that it wasn't doing
too much digesting.

So these were just little
tips that I'm sharing with you that I did and hopefully, they may be helpful for you as well. The next thing on my list,
that is a must have, is kifer. And I know some people say, "keefur" so I'm just going to say, "keefer" and let's call it a day. I would buy this because
it has great probiotics. So, you want to make sure
you have good probiotics in your stomach so I was at Whole Foods buying, ya know, kifer and I would drink
little bits of that as well, at some point through the day. And you don't have to
necessarily drink kefir. You could just buy a really
good probiotic supplement and that will serve as a way to help you get good bacteria
into your gut, as well.

As I've said before, all
the links to the products I've mentioned in this video are in the description box down below so make sure you click on those links if you wanna know exactly
what those products are, if you didn't have a
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