How to stop coughing and cough home remedy treatment remedies

So this week's responding to your comments is 
on coughs Kiki Rose asks hey Abraham please do   a video on how to get rid of a cough well let's 
not wait around hit that like button if you're   fired up about this and let's go so the good news 
is that coughs generally clear up on their own   within three to four weeks but there are many tips 
and tricks that you can do that are going to help   and that's what I'm going to teach you today so 
let's begin with tip number one do not waste your   money with over-the-counter cough syrups I know 
this one's controversial but trust me they're not   very effective and I'm going to teach you exactly 
what you need to do instead so here's what you're   gonna do tip number two you're gonna try a warm 
water and honeymoon okay Studies have actually   shown it to be more effective at helping with 
a dry cough compared to over-the-counter cough   syrups okay and generally speaking I do tend to 
recommend it to a lot of my patients here's how   you make your warm water honey mix Kettle water 
boil teaspoon of honey play spoon and cut add   water mix and your cough remedy is now ready now 
there are a few things you need to remember about   this mixture one it's not suitable for babies 
under the age of one okay two you need to let   it cool down make sure it's like lukewarm when 
you're having it don't have it when it's piping   hot it's just going to make your cough worse 
and three you can have as much as this as is   needed okay so whatever you need it make some 
fresh batch and have some easy as that moving on   to tip number three there have been some studies 
that have shown that Ginger can be quite effective   at relaxing Airways and therefore helping with 
a cot so you could potentially add some ginger   to this warm water honey mix so if you do have 
some ginger tea bags consider adding it to this   and letting it Brew however what I like to do 
is I like to get some fresh ginger cut off an   inch about so and then finely slice it throw it 
in there let it root for about 15 minutes and   then strain it out tastes delicious and it could 
potentially help with this cough moving on to tip   number four we need to try and avoid acid reflux 
triggers the idea is that it can cause the acid   to come up and irritate the back of the throat 
causing the cough so some triggers for example   are caffeine alcohol chocolate carbonated drinks 
as well as acidic foods like citrus for example   next up we have tip number five which is all 
about staying hydrated I know it sounds basic   but you need to make sure you get in your six to 
eight glasses of water a day what it's going to   do is going to help thin the mucus on the back 
of the throat which is going to help relieve   the cough also it's going to speed up recovery 
time so it's a win-win now please do remember   there are scenarios where you should seek medical 
attention for a cough and I'm going to leave loads   more information in the description below I'd 
highly recommend everyone reads it and I really   hope these tips help you I hope your cough gets 
relieved as soon as possible and as I always say   at the end of every single week's video always 
remember your awesome and I'll see you next week

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