I swear to God cure swollen hemorrhoids without surgery in just one day

Swollen hemorrhoids treatment without surgery
using garlic We need garlic Fill a bowl with water Put garlic cloves in it We put the pot on a low heat until garlic is cooked Remove the pot from the stove and let it cool Then remove the garlic peel With a fork, press the garlic until it becomes soft Add a tablespoon of olive oil Add a little crushed thyme mix well How to use We need cotton like this The anal area should be cleaned with warm water and salt We take a little of the recipe and put it in the cotton Put it on the external hemorrhoids and leave it on It should be repeated several times a day From day two, you will notice the difference Swollen hemorrhoids will go away completely And it won't stay out through the anus It must be maintained daily until it disappears completely thank you for watching.

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