Natural Remedies to Improve Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms – Dr. Berg

hey guys dr. Berg here I want to share natural 
nutrients for Parkinson's there's two one is   something called niacinamide okay that's a version 
of vitamin b3 and it's not going to give you the   flush response but niacinamide is amazing it's 
very neuro protective it will even actually helped   prevent dopamine deletion and that dopamine is 
involved in this condition so I highly recommend   taking between 250 to 500 milligrams you can get 
it anywhere but it's great for a lot of different   things not just your the nerves in your brain but 
many things like even type 1 diabetes and skin   issues and I'll create a video just down there 
and then we have the coenzyme q10 in the form   of ubiquinone which is a little bit pricey but 
it's a very high quality nutrient that will help   protect your brain and nervous system so these 
two together are a powerful remedy to really help   reduce the symptoms of Parkinson's give it a shot 
and put your comments down below hi guys thanks   so much for watching press this little button 
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