Non-Surgical Treatment to Gallstones [ENG SUB]

Here we are in Health talk, together with Dr. Philip
Tan. He is a Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine Specialist, an expert in non-surgical
treatment of gallbladder stones. And because it's the holiday
season, people would be binge-eating again they say it's one
of the causes of gallstones Doc, tell us, what is the non-surgical
way of treating gallbladder stones? Yes, today is a,
coming Holiday Season.

There are lots of food.
Food is delicious. it would be a kill-joy
if we don't eat – Right. Now, the main problem
normally, is the people. Today, I have observed in the clinic,
there are many people who have gastritis, have bloated stomach,
chest and of shoulder pain, some easily gain weight
while others never do, right? Though, sometimes, it has
something to do with their digestion, and this, this comes from
fatty liver or gallbladder stones. Now, when we talk about gall bladder
stone, it almost always concerns surgery what we do is we try to do
the oral treatment or non surgical. Doc, these are real
stones in the gall bladder right? Like what we can see
at the back, on the screen. Yes,that's right. there are stones
inside the gall bladder We have what we call kidney
stones and gallbladder stones. In ultrasound, they use the term
Choledocholithiasis or Nephrolithiasis. Choledocholithiasis meaning gall
stones. Nephrolithiasis meaning kidney stones. Once stones clog the gallbladder,
the person will become yellowish.

Yes, that's it. -Yes.
-And that's really painful, Doc. the pain would be
impossible to put up with But what about this Doc,
the food we have here,it's bland can it cause gall stones? because,
they say that eating too much salt and oily foods usually cause
stones in the gallbladder and kidney. Is it true? -Yes, actually, if we can see the
formation of stones it is a concentration of bile. That means that bile is not excreted easily.
Not enough water, not enough exercise and everything.

But most commonly, we can
see that it's a hereditary factor. The liver is weak in squeezing
and fats become fatty liver. And later on, they become the stones.
Stones in the gall bladder and stones in the kidney. That's why we see so many
peope have diabetes, high blood and even arthritis
because of that fatty liver. Now another thing is the wrong
diet. We are on the wrong diet always. When we say the wrong diet, it means
that it is always the same and the same. For example, it's Ma'am Lyn's
birthday, we will prepare lechon tonight. Then tomorrow morning,
maybe, we will fry the left overs. And in the afternoon,
we will make "paksiw" out of it.

The repeated use, even the
oil that we use, it's a repeated use. It should not be allowed.
– Yes, it is. So, to avoid repeating it,
as well as repeating what we eat Normally, of what you enjoy. for instance
there is a child who doesn't like to eat vegetables so,he will always be served chicken, hotdogs,
and these would lead to the formation of salts. While some people would only eat vegetables,
thinking that it won't cause formation of stones.

So, it can?
– Yes, it can. it's a calcium oxalate salts.
It's possible. in meat it's
cholesterol stones. and in fish, crabs,
usually, uric acid stones. What we aim for is for
you to avoid forming these stones We usually ask them to take
juices or water in the morning. if taken improperly this special
recipe or regimen for gall stones That is what we are going to talk about dear
viewers. there are many discussions on the internet That's why we are asking the expert
because some say that it can be quite harmful Yes.

How is that Doctor? How does
it work? Do these include all stones? Because you have mentioned calcium…
You have mentioned different kinds of stones. Is it possible to flush all these types out?
Actually, it is possible to flush out every stone. The calcium oxalate is the hardest
stone. And how about its size, Doctor? That size, it can be flushed out? -Yes, if
you can see, that's the size that can be flushed out. It has 2.5 or 3 centimeters…
-The biggest… The biggest, Doc? The biggest is somehow
less than the size of the thumb. Yes, it can be flushed out. They
can see it when it is working its way out. That's how it is. Okay.
-Whatever kind of stone, it is possible. Like what I have said, we have the
hardest stones. We love to eat delicious food. Yes, that's true.
So, how does it work Doc? Usually, how long does
the regimen you recommended take? Another question is, once you take the regimen,
these are juices right? are you not allowed to eat anything? Actually, no.

What we do in the
first one week is we usually ask them to avoid fatty foods, oily foods,
noodles and even coconut milk. Why? Whenever the liver or the gall bladder
squeezes, the stones move near the neck area, stomach ache will persist
because of acidity. -That's right. That is what we are avoiding so we ask them
to take juice with Malic acid to soften the stone. When the stone is really soft, then we'll
have a regimen, a medicine to dilate the duct and to squeeze the gall bladder and the liver
to release the salts which are what we have seen. That's it. So the stone will be softened and you
will be given medicine to dilate the duct for the stone to work its way out and then there is something
that will squeeze the kidney and the gall bladder. Yes, for it to be flushed out. Though we can see many regimens
on the internet or anywhere, sometimes, it's the wrong regimen. I have seen one where you are not allowed
to eat at all. You just take apple juice. who can afford not to eat? You will surely get

And usually, that's during week days, right Doc? Yes, actually, what we do when the patient
has to work, we usually do it in the weekdays because you have to defecate all wastes
first, so that before the stone comes out, it will not be blocked anywhere.Yes, and
the following day, the stones will be flushed out. And my joke about is when
you see the stone, let's pawn it. if only
that is possible… That's it, Doc. Thank You very
much. I'm sure that there are many people who want to know more
information about stone flushing because, instead of going to the operating
room. I might as well try this out first, right Doctor? Where do they have to go or what's your
telephone number that they can use to reach you? Actually, our clinic is at 157
Gloria Bldg., Bonifacio Avenue, Quezon City. Our telephone
number there is 330 1231. Alex of Law Center ni Kuya, go
to Dr. Philip Tan. He's waiting for you. Thank you very much Dr. Philip
Tan. Once agin, thank you for being here..

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