One of the Most Effective Drinks to Control Diabetes | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Namaskar Globally 463 million adults suffer from diabetes. Today's culture of binging on unhealthy and sugary and processed food has immensely contributed to increasing this problem. Studies, reveal and they predict that by 2040, 700 million people worldwide will have diabetes. And taking preventive measure, corrective measure as soon as possible is very much required. Today, I'm going to share a magical drink for people suffering from diabetes. This drink would help them to keep that blood sugar level in check and lead a very healthy and peaceful life. Amla decoction is an amazing drink. It would help people suffering from high blood sugar level and insulin problem. Amla is a super fruit that would work wonders for your body. Amla helps to prevent pancreatitis, our pancreas produces insulin this keeps our blood sugar in check. However, during pancreatitis the pancreas gets inflamed, which will damage insulin-secreting cells and the blood sugar level because of this will go high. Amla helps in management of blood sugar level, which would prevent pancreatitis. Understand amla is high, in chromium, a mineral that would decrease, blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity. Amla is rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin C can benefit people suffering from type2 diabetes. It lowers the blood sugar level throughout the day and also reduces blood sugar that increases after meals. Oxidative stress is linked to as an underlying cause of diabetes and other conditions, amla has a good amount of antioxidant. This amla helps to fight diabetes by reversing the effect of oxidation in our system. So how to drink this magical, decoction in the right way. After getting up, you should not keep your stomach empty for long, take amla juice on an empty stomach first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Take 1 glass of warm water, put a tablespoon of amla powder and a pinch of haldi powder and drink it in the morning. This would help managing your blood glucose level, not just in the morning, but throughout in life. Another beneficial drink is karela and amla juice. The combination of karela and amla juice has a powerful anti-diabetic impact, it regulates all diabetes-related complications. It can also help with kidney and liver problem. Karela, Contains three active compounds, polypeptide, vicine which has anti-diabetic property, helps lowering blood sugar. Take 10 mL of Karela juice and 10 mL of Amla juice and then add a glass of water to dilute it. Drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach.But understand one thing very clearly said, karela comes in its own season. Whenever Kerala is there use this drink otherwise have amla juice only. Have these magical drinks daily, to keep your blood sugar in check. Along with this, Remember to follow 4 pillars for health.

And these are: – Ahar, Food, What you are eating, – Vihar, Rest, Recreation, Sleep – Achar, Your health routines and – Vichar, a right way of thinking. It is observed that in case of diabetics. They are usually perfectionist personalities they are intelligent hard-working but perfectionist and that creates problem for others. Others are not that perfectionist. And so there is always a conflict, they are never happy with anybody else. And there is always a chaos and conflict in family. So understand, diabetics have to develop more love, more care, more sympathy with others. They should try and look after others, appreciate others as they are, and that would help diabetics to overcome their problem. So be clear all these pillars – Ahar, Vihar, Achar, Vichar, are going to keep you really healthy and fit but this Vichar level-headed mind should always be given most important in case of diabetes.

And so follow all these things and you will have a very good life with diabetes or without diabetes, but you will live very happily & healthily. Take care of yourself. Namaskar..

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