REISHI | The Mushroom Of Immortality | Ganoderma

[Daniel] It's a great example over here. This is Ganoderma tsugae, we also call it the 
hemlock varnish conch, because before the spores   are on it, like you see here, it's got almost 
like it's been polyurethane like a varnish on   it. And it grows on our hemlock trees. Now it's 
part of a small group of mushrooms we call Reishi,   and they're a bunch of related species. In Asia 
the most common one is Ganoderma lucidum. Here we   often use in the Northeast,Ganoderma tsugae, 
they all have the same mycochemistry and   pharmacological action. It is an immunomodulator. 
It's a tonic. It's a stress reliever or adaptogen.   This is a mushroom that starts growing here in the 
summertime and we harvest it late summer. And I   do a two part medicine out of it, so some of the 
mushroom I would I would cut it up into cubes and   let it dry. The reason I put it in the Sun is when 
the UV rays hit it, it actually starts to produce   vitamin D2, which we convert into vitamin D3.

it actually starts to accumulate more of that,   in the same way that our skin responds to 
ultraviolet light as well. Now half of that   I'll put into alcohol and make the tincture with. 
The other half I'll boil in water and reduce down   that decoction and then I later mix the two 
together. And the reason is because the water   extraction from this is going to contain all of 
the immunomodulating properties, and the alcohol   parts gonna pull the terpenes out, and those are 
the adaptogenic parts.

Those are the parts that   help our bodies adapt to environmental stresses. 
When we put those two together we get a powerful   medicine that's been revered throughout the world 
for a very long time. It's, it's in the top ten,   let's say in Chinese medicine, and it's definitely 
in the top ten here in the United States in   our modern herbal and tonic herbal systems 
that are kind of evolving here in the West..

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