Say goodbye to varicose veins and joint pain with only 2 natural ingredients, 100%effective

How to treat varicose veins naturally Varicose veins will disappear in just 7 days We need fresh ginger Peel 2 small pieces of fresh ginger Fresh ginger treats varicose veins and relieves their pain It is the best natural remedy for varicose veins Grate the ginger on a grater We will 2 cloves of garlic required Peel the garlic Garlic helps to break down harmful toxins in the blood vessels Grate garlic on a grater Add 4 tablespoons of olive oil Mix the ingredients well Cover the ingredients with plastic film Let it soak overnight After the ingredients overnight Strain the mixture well in a sieve or cloth Press well to extract ginger and garlic juice We got oil with ginger a garlic infusion We need Apple Cider Vinegar Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural remedy for pain relief from varicose veins Mix well How to to apply the recipe Apply this mixture well on the varicose veins Massage the varicose veins with gentle movements until the mixture is absorbed again It is preferable to leave it on the varicose veins without watching them Apply this mixture on varicose veins every day.

Continue to apply it for 7 consecutive days From the first use, the pain of varicose veins will calm down Store the remaining mixture in a jar Then keep it in a dry place It remains useful for a long time You will never believe the effect of this magic recipe not. Recipe 2 We will need bay leaves Cut 6 bay leaves and put them in a jar Bay leaves treat varicose veins and relieve their symptoms Add 6 tablespoons of olive oil Close the jar tightly and let the bay leaves soak for 7 days After 7 days you can start this recipe use You can use this oil in the same way as the recipe 1 Apply this oil to the varicose veins wherever they are Massage the varicose veins in circular motions until the oil is absorbed Apply this oil before bedtime and leave it overnight Repeat the application every day until the varicose veins disappear Choose a recipe from these two recipes and ke ep use it If you like these recipes, press the "like" button.

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