Simple Ways to Get Rid of Cholesterol | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Namaskar!! Our liver naturally produces cholesterol and this cholesterol then travels through the whole body with the help of protein.There are 2 types of cholestrols,bad as well as good.Good cholesterol which is called as HDL and bad cholesterol is LDL and VLDL,this bad cholesterol deposits itself in the blood vesselsand this causes heart attacks as well as strokes.So such a cholesterol can be really dangerous.So every human should definitely be very very sincere about the fat which we are consuming.There are 3 types of fats. 1) Saturated Fat 2) Unsaturated fat 3) Trans fat This saturated fats is available in meats and dairy products,they instruct the liver to produce more bad cholesterol.Unsaturated fats,person can get from plants,nuts,seeds and vegetable oils.This unsaturated fats is helpful in breaking down the bad cholesterol.Next,trans fat,these trans fat you will get from fried food from baked food,from packaged food,open the packet and eat,open the packet and drink,all these readymade products,they are really harmful for our body,so to reduce the cholesterol,you will need to know certain Do’s and Don’ts.Here are few tips.Firsty avoid trans fats,avoid all packaged foods,fried food,pizzas pasteries etc,no doubt they are tasty,but as far as possible we should avoid,if you are eating,eat very little not more in any case.Secondly,consume saturated fat,but in a limit.Consuming butter,cheese ,ghee,palm oil,coconut oil,these things should not be taken more then 1 teaspoon full a day.Third,person must consume good fats.Certain oils like olive oil,groundnut oil are required in our body,similarly nuts like almonds,walnuts,cashewnuts should be taken and a fruit like avocado should be consumed.All these are good fats and good fats are required in our body.Fourth point,to reduce cholesterol you need to do some asanas definitely.Actually cholesterol increases because of 2 things,lack of exercise and stress,so understand which asanas you should do regularly.Exercise helps in reducing triglycerides and helps in increasing good cholesterol that is HDL in our body.Here are few asanas if you do regularly it will help in burning excess cholesterol.First,Suryanamaskar,suryanamaskar nowadays is getting very popular but it really is a complete asana by itself.It is a combination of few asanas and it helps in every part of our any case to reduce bad cholesterol this is the best asana where you are exercising everything of your body.Your head is getting circulation your spine is getting exercised,your abdomen is getting good compression and exercise your extrimities are getting exercised,your palms are getting exercised,so everywhere you will find doing something to help with your body so this should be done regularly.Do 2-3 rounds of suryanamaskar in the morning,that would do good.Second asana would be Hastpadangusthashan.Third,very traditional asana that is Ardhamatyendrasana,in plank pose you are sitting now throw yourself forward,go ahead and take the support of both the arms,then try and lift your bottom up so that your entire body is like a plank,stay in this position holding yourself and this also would help in strengthening your core and helping you to reduce your cholesterol.Finally last but most important is pranayama number 4,this Yogendra pranayama number 4 is the most ideal to see that every human becomes very much aware about his abdomen his stomach.Stomach should never protrude out stomach should be in contour and for that make the stomach muscles always flexible,so try and do this for 10 mins twice or thrice in a day.Follow all these tips given,if cholesterol is unattended then it can lead to a fatality it is going to be harmful,so be careful,eat a right type of food try and see that you live a life in which you are stress free and learn to live positively happily and with awareness.


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