THIS Medicinal Herbal Tea Can Detox Your Kidneys ūüćĶ

if you want to improve your overall health 
you must take good care of your kidneys   one simple but effective way to do 
so is to drink medicinal herbal tea   and that is the topic of this video 
so if you're ready let's get into it   it goes without saying that the kidneys are one 
of the most essential organs in the human body   they help remove waste maintain fluid balance 
and filter minerals and toxins in the blood   this is why we must focus on taking good 
care of our kidneys and urinary system   as previously mentioned herbal teas have been used 
medicinally for thousands of years for everything   from weight loss to a full body detox as i'm 
sure you're probably aware they can be used for   detoxing the kidneys as well in order to keep them 
functioning optimally herbal teas are often loaded   with antioxidants which provide anti-inflammatory 
effects among other cleansing benefits   studies found that they can even reduce the risk 
of developing kidney stones as well in some cases   some examples that you can consider testing 
out include nettle leaf tea turmeric tea and   dandelion tea just as the lungs need oxygen your 
kidneys require proper vitamins and nutrients as   well in order to keep them functioning properly 
that is why drinking herbal tea is a refreshing   way to deliver these essential nutrients 
to your kidneys and other body systems   with that said as always please be sure to speak 
with your doctor first and just a quick reminder   we are not doctors this video is for informational 
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