Top 10 Best Herbs for Your Nerves (Nervous System Boost)

when it comes to taking care of our bodies and 
improving the outlook of our overall health   one thing that we often overlook is the nervous 
system we often forget how important it is to   keep our nerves and neurons in great condition 
one effective way to do so is to take advantage   of the natural herbs that have been provided 
to us by mother nature and that is exactly   what we are going to talk about in this video 
be sure to watch until the end because there's   actually one that i think will surprise 
you so if you're ready let's get into it   just a quick reminder we are not doctors 
this video is for informational purposes only   but the first herb that we need to discuss 
is ginkgo biloba this herb has been used   for medicinal purposes for centuries due to the 
fact that it has been shown to improve memory and   cognitive functioning while helping to decrease 
levels of stress and anxiety studies found that   it can help prevent neurological diseases such as 
dementia and alzheimer's disease as well it offers   benefits for the nervous system by altering levels 
of important neurotransmitters such as serotonin   and gaba this helps decrease inflammation and 
prevents deterioration of the nerves over time   next we need to talk about valyrian roots 
throughout history this herb has been used   as a treatment method for insomnia and it still 
proves to be beneficial for those with sleep   disorders today studies found that it can provide 
calming effects for an overactive nervous system   by altering the neurotransmitters that are 
crucial for falling asleep valerian root can   be taken as a supplement or you can drink it as a 
tea right before bedtime to limit restless sleep   next up is avena sativa also known as milky oat 
this herb is loaded with beneficial components   that are great for nourishing the central nervous 
system a few that we should mention are calcium   magnesium and vitamin b which have all been shown 
to help strengthen the nerves when used over time   doing so can help improve your mood and 
decrease the effects of daily stress anxiety and   depression another herb that we need to discuss is 
ashwagandha this is yet another anti-inflammatory   herb that provides antioxidant effects which 
can help the body decrease levels of stress   that is because it works by decreasing 
the production of cortisol which is known   as the stress hormone in the human body lower 
levels of stress equates for a clearer mind and   pretty much positively affects all of the major 
organs and systems of the body over time this   can offer additional benefits for nervous system 
disorders such as alzheimer's disease and dementia   a separate study found that ashwagandha may 
actually work to improve your memory as well this   herb can be taken as a supplement in capsule form 
in order to take advantage of its amazing benefits   next up is scutillaria also known as skullcap 
studies found that this herb offers several   musculoskeletal benefits for our muscles and 
joints many people don't realize that it can   benefit the nervous system as well another study 
found that skull cap is effective for boosting   your mood and reducing levels of anxiety it works 
by stimulating the gaba neurotransmitter to help   calm your nerves its anti-inflammatory effects 
are believed to benefit those with insomnia   and neurodegenerative diseases as well another 
herb that can benefit the nervous system is   rhodiola it's an herb that has anti-inflammatory 
properties which have been shown to have   neuroprotective effects on the nervous system 
its primary benefits include fighting fatigue   and decreasing levels of stress and anxiety not 
to mention a study found that rhodiola can improve   cognitive functioning and reduce mental fatigue 
and we couldn't have made this video without   mentioning chamomile you've probably heard of 
the notorious chamomile tea beverage because it   is widely consumed around the world the reason 
is chamomile contains certain properties that   soothe the nervous system and support a healthy 
sleep cycle not only is this herb good for sleep   it also helps reduce levels of anxiety 
again chamomile is mostly consumed as a tea   although it can be found as a 
supplement or tincture as well   next up is passion flower which is another herb 
that has calming effects on the nervous system   which means that it can be beneficial 
for stress anxiety and sleep disorders   like other herbs that were mentioned in this 
video passion flower also alters the gaba   neurotransmitter which is why people who use this 
herb boast about feeling more calm and relaxed   passion flower can be consumed as an herbal tea 
and it's also available in supplement form as well   another herb that we need to discuss is holy 
basil this herb originated in southeast asia and   has been used for medicinal purposes throughout 
history for the treatment of conditions anywhere   from bronchitis to insect bites studies found 
that it can benefit the nervous system as well to   be more specific holy basil acts as an adaptogen 
which is a natural substance that promotes mental   balance and helps the body reduce levels of stress 
as you know chronic stress is an underlying cause   of many of the most deadly diseases and conditions 
in humans so not only does reducing stress help   your nervous system it benefits pretty much all of 
the organs and systems of the body in a major way   next up on our list is lemon ball as its name 
suggests this herb has a refreshing lemon scent   and is also a part of the mint 
family traditionally lemon balm has   widely been used due to its cognitive and mood 
enhancing benefits you should know that it can   also relieve stress reduce anxiety ease insomnia 
and boost your memory as well the combination of   each of these amazing benefits is exactly why this 
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